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Why chose a Board Certified criminal trial lawyer?

Experience is everything.  You want an experienced defense lawyer in Tallahassee.  Your liberty is depending on the qualifications of your defense attorney.

But how do you know if the Tallahassee defense attorney is qualified or not?  Ask him or her:  are you Board Certified in criminal law?

Being board certified means that the defense attorney has achieved expertise in criminal trial law. The standards are set by the Florida Bar (state certification), or the National Board of Legal Specialization Certification (national certification) – so the client can be assured that the attorney has met real qualifications, and not just the attorney’s own version of “qualified”.

Becoming board certified in criminal trial law is the capstone of a criminal lawyer’s career. Most criminal defense attorneys never qualify; most of those that do, do not care enough to become board certified. Virtually none ever get certified twice.

Joe Bodiford is double board certified: in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar, and in Criminal Law by the National Board Legal Specialization Certification.

No criminal attorney in Tallahassee has those qualifications. So, who should you chose as your Tallahassee criminal defense attorney?

Joe’s Florida Bar profile

Joe’s NBLSC national certification profile