Bodiford earns LL.M. degree

Prof. Bodiford with Dean Pietruszkiewicz

In December 2014, Joe Bodiford became the first ever graduate of the Stetson Law LL.M. in Advocacy program. An LL.M. is an advanced law degree, earned only after the initial J.D. (juries doctorate). Stetson Law, where Joe is also an adjunct professor, has been the top-ranked advocacy school by U.S. News and Worlds Report for over 16 years.

Mr. Bodiford earned the advanced law degree in order to deepen his love and understanding of trial advocacy as well as to further his advocacy teaching pursuits.

Tallahassee Criminal Defense – how to chose the BEST

Choosing and attorney is a very important decision, in case you did not already know!  You have to not only trust the attorney, but you have to like the attorney.  Those things build confidence.

As a Tallahassee criminal lawyer, I try to instill in my clients the confidence that I am going to go to the mat, not throw in the towel.  I want to fight – I love to fight.  I would not be Board Certified by two separate organizations if I didn’t!  

What makes me the best?  Well, experience is the first thing that comes to mind.  What else?  Intelligence (I am a law professor, too), ingenuity (I always think about another way to “skin the cat”), and good dose of bedside manner.  We are a team, and we have to work together.

Call me if you need help with your criminal case in Tallahassee!

North Florida arrowhead sting: Whats the point? | Tampa Bay Times

North Florida arrowhead sting: Whats the point? | Tampa Bay Times.

Interesting article.  I guess the point is that you are not allowed to dig for arrowheads on State land.  I get that.  But what I do not get is spending $130,000 to seize $2 million in artifacts that cannot be traced to State land.  I guess its works out for the State – like getting the artifacts at a 80% discount.


Big Bend’s Most Wanted: January 14, 2014 – Tallahassee News | ABC 27 WTXL: News

Big Bend’s Most Wanted: January 14, 2014 – Tallahassee News | ABC 27 WTXL: News.

If these two are Tallahassee’s “most wanted”, then the crime rate should be pretty low.  Wow.

Why chose a Board Certified criminal trial lawyer?

Experience is everything.  You want an experienced defense lawyer in Tallahassee.  Your liberty is depending on the qualifications of your defense attorney.

But how do you know if the Tallahassee defense attorney is qualified or not?  Ask him or her:  are you Board Certified in criminal law?

Being board certified means that the defense attorney has achieved expertise in criminal trial law. The standards are set by the Florida Bar (state certification), or the National Board of Legal Specialization Certification (national certification) – so the client can be assured that the attorney has met real qualifications, and not just the attorney’s own version of “qualified”.

Becoming board certified in criminal trial law is the capstone of a criminal lawyer’s career. Most criminal defense attorneys never qualify; most of those that do, do not care enough to become board certified. Virtually none ever get certified twice.

Joe Bodiford is double board certified: in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar, and in Criminal Law by the National Board Legal Specialization Certification.

No criminal attorney in Tallahassee has those qualifications. So, who should you chose as your Tallahassee criminal defense attorney?

Joe’s Florida Bar profile

Joe’s NBLSC national certification profile


Tallahassee Leon County Courthouse


Criminal defense in Tallahassee

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~ Joe